Rental Contract

Our Rental Contract is written in plain English and easy to read.

On this page we have summarised its four golden rules - the things we care about most.

The full version of our Rental Contract available to read via the link below

1/ pay the rent on time

We rely on our rental income to pay the mortgages on our properties, the salaries of our maintenance team and the cost of the utility and other bills.  

In turn we rely on our tenants to pay us rent in a timely manner on the first day of each month.

See section 4 for more detail

2/ stay for the full duration of the tenancy

A stable set of tenants creates harmonious relationships within each property.  Hence we let the majority of our rooms on an annual basis from 1st September.

We recognise circumstances can change however so if a tenant needs to vacate early we will allow them to do so, subject to a timetable and set of procedures and charges. 

See section 8

3/ look after the property

We want to keep our properties in great condition. And we want our tenants to take a pride in them too.  

If maintenance issues arise we want them fixed as fast as possible and we have a team of tradesfolk ready to address any problems.  We carry a stock of spares of many items.

This is covered in more depth in sections 5 and 6. 

We want a friendly atmosphere in our properties.  We expect our tenants to be tolerant and respectful of the people with whom they share, and be easy to live with.

We do not permit smoking in any part of our properties, ever.

Our golden rule is that our tenants treat their housemates and neighbours as they want to be treated themselves.

4/ Respect fellow flatmates