Room Ready Process


Assess Decor

  • Walls - repaint walls if necessary
  • Woodwork - wash, otherwise repaint
  • Floor - no big gaps, does it need sanding / lacquering?

Clean and hoover

  • Floor
  • Skirting board
  • Tops of wardrobe, switches, ceiling cobwebs
  • Inside drawers

blindS and shutters

  • Clean - vacuum / wipe / wash
  • Ensure chords are tangle-free and not broken; repair if necessary otherwise measure for new one and instruct AW / MR to order replacement

Bed and mattress

  • Ensure all hex nuts are tight; Or if mortice / tenon jointed ensure no wobble - ratchet strap if necessary
  • Assess mattress - is it ok?  Does it need replacing?  Potentially turn it over and around
  • Replace mattress cover with new one

Furniture, lights and switches

  • Rewax wooden furniture if necessary
  • Repaint white furniture if necessary
  • Ensure all drawers are empty
  • Ensure all drawers knobs are on / tight
  • Ensure electrical sockets not loose
  • Light works, no bulbs gone


  • Leave on desk
  • Then lock room from outside using your masterkey