Becoming a Tenant


1. see for availability

Because of the leaving timetable in our Rental Agreement, rooms generally fall vacant on the following quarter days:

  • 1st September *

  • 1st December

  • 1st March

  • 1st June

When we have a room becoming available we advertise it on

* Incumbent tenants' agreements expire each year on 31st August so the majority of our rooms become free from 1st September

2. arrange a tour of our available rooms

Prospective tenants email us via Spareroom or contact us directly.  

We discuss preferences, ask some screening questions and then arrange to meet for a tour of our vacant rooms.

Some viewers are accompanied by friends or family, most come on their own.  

Often we will have more than one room available at the same time so there could be a choice.



But there will be competition.  Most of our rooms get snapped up on their first day of viewing. 

We often have more than one taker for a room and it can be a difficult choice to select the best person.

So if you like a room and see yourself living with us, whilst giving the prospect proper thought, we encourage a quick decision.  

3. choose a room and agree a tenancy contract


Once you have seen our rooms in person, decide if you want to proceed.  If you do, we will invite you to give us some information about yourself via this form

We use the information to populate a Tenancy Agreement that we will email to you.  You should have a thorough read of the Agreement before you agree to be bound by its terms and, if so, email back your acceptance. The email will detail what money you need to pay and when.
To view a preview of our Rental Contract click here

You then transfer part of the deposit into our bank account.  And thus we have a binding legal contract.  Everything is completed over email and there is no paperwork to complete. 

4. Moving in


To move in you will need to have paid your deposit in full and rent in advance for the month of your arrival.  

We will meet you on the first day of your tenancy.  We will give you an uncopyable security key and an induction tour of the property.

We will explain some safety procedures, introduce you to your housemates, ensure you know the wifi password and then - wish you an enjoyable tenancy.  

For more information on moving in please click here

5. living with Rainbow and Enjoying your home


Once you move in, you become our valued tenant and we hope you enjoy your room and the social space without undue interruption or issues arising.

We could promise nothing will go wrong but inevitably something will at some stage.  In which case you will report it to us and we will attend to address the problem.

We have experience resolving most issues.  We carry spares of many items and an address book of specialist tradesfolk if our own team cannot resolve the problem.

For more information on our three-pronged approach to maintenance see Maintenance

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