Moving Out


Most of our tenants renew their agreements at the end of their term and stay for more than one tenancy year.  Some stay for many years.  And most move out at the end of our standard tenancy contract - on 31st August.

Occasionally, plans change and tenants ask to break their tenancy contract early.  We allow them to do so, subject to a set of procedures and a timetable - see below.

Whenever a tenant vacates, they give their room a good clean, remove their possessions from the common parts, change their postal address to their new abode and return their key to us.

Then we write them a great reference, return their deposit and wish them success in the future.

Clearing and Cleaning Your Room

Here are a few obvious tips when it comes to your own time to vacate: -

  • Please give your room a thorough clean

  • Empty the wardrobe, chests and drawers of all your things and take any pictures, mirrors, and any items of furniture that belong to you

  • Vacuum and dust behind the furniture, under the bed, behind the chests, behind the wardrobe, tops of skirt boards etc - not just the visible bits.

  • Don't forget your blinds - they tend to attract dust. Vacuuming with the circular hoover brush then wiping with a damp cloth usually does the trick

  • Please purchase a new mattress cover and dispose of your old one - Tesco and Argos sell them, as do Amazon

  • In the kitchen, from the fridge, freezer and cupboards, please remove your food and utensils

  • In the bathroom, please remove your toiletries

  • From the communal areas, hallway, landing, cupboards, cellar, garden, again, please remove your things

When you're ready to depart, please lock your room and then push the key back under the door.

Check out time is 11am to give us enough time for a new tenant to move in at a reasonable hour later the same day.


Deposit Return

We aim to return every deposit in full without deduction within one week of your departure.

You must however have made an obvious effort to clean your room and have removed all your personal belongings.  We take a dim view of the small minority folk who just vacate without having the courtesy to leave their room as they would expect to find it. A dusty room with belongings left behind is the first sign you haven’t tried!

We will need your bank details to return your deposit. Please provide us with your bank details via this link

Please also remember to cancel your standing order that pays our rent. 


Mail Redirection

Have a think about who has the house as your mail address and let them know your address has changed. You should consider setting up an automatic mail redirection via Royal Mail  It's only a few pounds and well worth doing. Click here for more info. 


Breaking Your Tenancy Contact Early



Our ideal is Tenants Stay
the Full Duration of their Tenancies

We want a stable set of housemates in our properties and the commitment from our tenants to see out the full duration of their tenancy agreements.  This promotes harmony and requires tenants to see our properties as long-term homes not temporary lodgings.

On our side, we do not want to be letting rooms all year round.  The process is time-consuming - taking calls and doing viewings at unsociable hours. It takes many nights of viewings to find the right replacement tenant out of peak season. It’s much harder than doing in July. And it’s expensive - running an advert costs about £75 a day.

So for these reasons we tend to let our properties on an annual basis from 1st September – 31st August. We advertise and conduct viewings each July.

But we know circumstances can change

We recognise circumstances can change however so if you need to vacate early we will allow you to do so on any of our four designated rental ‘quarter days’ by giving notice on or before the 15th day of the previous month.

If you have plans to buy a property, change jobs, go travelling or move in with a partner you can hopefully fit them around one of these dates.

There will be out-of-season costs to cover equivalent to either a quarter or half of your total monthly payment deducted from your deposit if you want to break your tenancy early. This charge is payable without complaint, negotiation or request for a discount.

Here’s a summary of break dates, notice periods and costs to cover: -

Table of Contract Break Dates.png

You will see there is no cost at the end of the tenancy and the simple way to avoid any extra costs is simply not to break your tenancy agreement.

And we have made it cheaper to vacate on 28th Feb (ie after six months of our standard contract) by giving notice on or before 15th January.

How to Break contract Mid-Tenancy

To give us notice to break contract early please fill out the form via this link

We will then search for a replacement tenant. We will pay for advertising, conduct viewings, notify you when we are coming by (so you can tidy your room in advance) and make an agreement with the most suitable new tenant.

It is quite a tiring process, so synchronising tenancy breaks to fall at the same time means we can manage them in an orderly way, advertise effectively with an economy of scale and set aside enough time and resource, putting our social lives on hold, to relet your room.

When the time comes for you to actually vacate we will return your deposit and provide you with a reference.

We will return your deposit no later than 10 working days of the end of your Tenancy, and typically the next working day.