Atmos Multi

Installer Manual

Status Codes

0 = standby, no heat demand
1 = HW demand
2 = CH demand
3 = HW and CH demand
4 = HW and CH demand

1-4 with a dot = burner active

5 = Frost protection
6 = Pre- and post purge time
7 - Ignition phase
8 = Self-test

Hot Water

  1. Hot water button on control panel must be on, lit yellow; then boiler will store 80 litres of pre-heated hot water, ready to be used

  2. Further HW water heating and refill controlled by demand from taps and shower

  3. Temperature set by User Program (1 = 60 degrees, 2 = 65 degrees, 3 = 70 degrees) and then by mixing valve to lower temperature at the taps

  4. Diverter Valve in Position A or Mid-Position

Central Heating

  1. Controlled by Inspire - Inspire must be on to turn on CH

  2. Display can show either boiler pressure or CH temperature

  3. Temperature of circulating water controlled by User Program (1 = 60 degrees, 2 = 75 degrees, 3 = 90 degrees); Press ‘Set’ for 10 seconds until ‘A’ appears to access Installer Menu; Press ‘Set’ three times until ‘‘C’ appears. Lower display will then show CH temp. Press ‘Hot Water’ to choose 60, 75 or 90 degrees. Press ‘Reset’ twice to exit the menu

  4. Diverter Valve in Position B or Mid-Position

  5. Internal pump must be ok, some TRVs open or boiler will overheat (error code XX) OR boiler can be fitted with a Pressure Differential Regulator Valve that provides automatic bypass and obviates need for one rad to be on all the time

  6. If pressure too high (above 3 bar) or low (below 0.5 bar) error code ‘C’; if too low, add more pressure via filling loop; if too high, then bleed rads or drain system slightly

  7. If CH circuit is drained, DV will lock out and need to be manually released (Page 30, IM)

  8. Rads must be bled and maybe also internal boiler CH pump should be bled - don’t splash electrics (Page 30, IM)

  9. If some radiators hot and not others, rads might need bleeding, balancing or pump beefed up

Error Codes - letters or flashing - P42, IM

Press Reset to clear an error code
If boiler burner fails to ignite after three reset attempts, purge gas supply using inlet pressure measurement nipple
Gas blame should be light blue; red suggests too much gas mix; dark blue suggests not enough gas mix
Ionisation rate must be ok (Page 35, IM)

User Program
Entered by pressing ‘Set’ for five seconds until letter ‘b’ appears; press ‘Set’ again to scroll through menu; press ‘Hot Water’ to change parameters; exited by pressing ‘Reset’]

Pipework - from left

  1. Condensate out

  2. CH Flow

  3. CH Return

  4. Hot water out

  5. Cold water in

Notes and quirks

  1. In summer, even when boiler is off, boiler will turn on CH for three mins a day to prevent pump from seizing

  2. No flame shutdown - P10 of UM

  3. Boiler overheating indicates lack of CH flow - error XX

  4. Boiler has a second CH circuit - “comfort loop’ designed for underfloor heating or towel radiator

Change Bathroom Door handle

Remove old handle

  • Loosen grub screw holding thumb turn end on place, pull off thumb turn, splitting spindle into two parts

  • Loosen flat head male and female screws holding handle in place, top and bottom, handles should then pull apart

  • Pull out handle spindle

  • Remove mortice lock case

Affixing New handle

  • Insert new mortice case

  • Insert handle spindle and press handles onto it

  • Locate male / female screws to hold handles together, tighten 80%

  • Insert thumb turn, flat head on outside, thumb turn on inside

  • Press thumb turn onto spindle, tighten grub screw, 90%

  • Replace end cover of mortice case, fixing it with two tiny grub screws

  • Tighten everything 100%

Satellite Dish Alignment

From London

  • 146 degrees rotation (basically South East) - satellites are over the equator

  • 26 degrees elevation

  • LNB skew -14