Why Rent with Rainbow Capital?

We have a better offer

  • Our properties are purpose-designed for rental

  • They have superior proportions, furniture and facilities

  • We work full-time maintain our properties and support our tenants  

We are not like other landlords

  • They let out properties not designed for rental

  • They have other jobs and no expertise in property management

  • They do not have the time to provide a service to their tenants

What we offer

Accommodation by the room to young single non-smoking professionals

  1. Properties purpose-developed for rental

  2. Payment of all bills

  3. Fortnightly communal cleaning

  4. Annual rental contracts

  5. Protection of tenant deposits in an approved scheme from which we never make petty deductions

  6. Full-time dedication to decorate and maintain our properties

  7. Peace of mind - we are accredited landlords and all our properties are licensed with the local authority

Designed for Rental

We reconsider the entire
building with letting in mind

We never rent properties in their
unaltered arrangement

We design in a host of
clever features

We know each room in a property
is a home to its tenant

why we are different

  1. Better design - our properties are purpose-designed for rental with lots of clever features

  2. More facilities - plentiful fridges, freezes, ovens, laundry machines, controlled heating, secure doors, fast internet, real wood furniture, new mattresses

  3. Better value - we offer long-term tenancy contracts with no hidden charges

  4. Better housemates - we rent to single intelligent respectful non-smoking professionals

  5. All inclusive bills - makes budgeting easy and avoids the hassle dealing with suppliers and arguments splitting bills

  6. Full-time focus - on service and maintenance; we are always decorating and improving; we are kind and we care


I confirm I’ve received my deposit return.
I would like to add it has been a pleasure dealing with you
— Henrique, tenant at Bellevue Mansions

Spacious ~ Connected ~ Convenient

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