Central Heating Problems

No Radiators not on at all

If none of the radiators are on when they should be, either (a) the boiler is off or has a problem (b) the timing controller is off (c) the radiators themselves have been turned off on either their TRV side (the side you control) or their lock-shield side (the side we control)

some radiators on but not others

If some radiators are on but not others then the ones that are off might be turned down on their thermostatic side (or the valve has jammed), turned down on their lock-shield side, or in a large property the central heating pump might not be working sufficiently to circulate the water around the pipes

Radiator hot at the bottom but not the top

The radiator has air in it and needs bleeding. Boiler pressure might need topping up thereafter

Radiator hot at the top but not the bottom

The radiator has sludge and gunk in it and needs flushing out. This is a job for a plumber as the radiator will need removing completely

hot water problems