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Reply to Tenancy Agreement Acceptance


Thanks for this.  So now we have a binding tenancy agreement between us.

We should liaise again in [insert when] to co-ordinate the logistics of your move in.  You’ll need to pay remaining monies shortly before you actually move in.  Refer back to my email below for the exact amounts.

In due course, I will send you an email introducing you to your new housemates.  And after you move we will send you a certificate proving protection of your deposit.

From now on please use these phone numbers:

  • Me (Andrew Williams) - 07973 179201 (my personal mobile - the number you had previously was for advertising only and I will not tend to check it)

  • My colleague Matt Read - 07969 292896

…and this email for any issues including maintenance once you’re in the flat.

Also, see these two useful links (paste into your browser):

Thanks again for everything.  We look forward to your move in and you becoming our tenant.

Best wishes,

Andrew and Matt

Trying to Break Off Cycle 1


Sad news you’re leaving as you’ve been one of our best and longest serving tenants.  Steps from here is to see this webpage:

You should be aware however that your tenancy runs until 31st August, not 31st July.  This will hopefully resolve itself as shortly we will be sending out emails inviting everyone to renew their tenancies for another year and we would hope to have replies back by 1st July.  Then, from roughly 7th July we will start advertising and conducting viewings for those rooms we know will be falling vacant from 31st August.

We can try to advertise your room with availability from 1st August at the same time and hopefully get it relet from this point.  But we can’t promise this and therefore we would ask that you continue to pay rent until we have relet it up to a backstop of 31st August.  I would say the chances of success - of achieving the 1st August renewal - are quite good - and we will keep you posted as we conduct viewings in mid-July.  

I hope all this is ok with you.


Current accommodation - Where do you live at the moment? Why move?

Job - What do they do? Where do you work? Where do you need to get to each day? (Commute connections)

Personal - Age? Where from originally?  Nationality?  How long in UK (if relevant)

Plans - How long looking to rent for?

  1. 11. Viewing timetable

Moving Out - no Penalty

Moving Out Early - with Penalty

Moving In

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