Breaking Your Tenancy

This form is the starting point for tenants who wish to end their tenancy agreement before its end date in accordance with Section 8 of our Terms and Conditions. Please complete it as best you can and we will contact you with next steps.

Name *
Is there anything we could do to keep you?
Our tenancy agreement allows you to vacate at four points of the year: 30th November, 28th February, 31st May and 31st August. To vacate on one of these dates you will need to have given notice by the 15th day of the previous month. When we start viewings however we may find a prospective tenant who wants to move in earlier or later than the designated date. It would be helpful to know if you have any flexibility? What is your ideal date to vacate? And when is the earliest and latest you could leave?
Viewings *
We will advertise your room for re-rental. We will arrange viewings and show round prospective tenants. We will text you in advance to confirm appointment times. During this period it would be great if your room and the common parts of the property are kept clean and tidy so they present in their best possible light.
Costs to cover *
Breaking your tenancy causes us extra work and expense. We have to work outside hours and pay for advertising so per Section 8 of your contract we charge you an amount to cover the costs. There might also be a void period in our rent. You agreed to cover these costs when you agreed to your tenancy
No rescinding once room is relet *
Once you have given notice we will commence the process of finding your replacement. Once a new tenant has signed a tenancy agreement for your room, there can be no rescinding of your notice and you will need to vacate no later than 11am on the timetabled break date
Cleaning and clearing your room *
When it comes to the time of your departure, you will need to give your room a thorough clean and empty the kitchen and bathroom and common parts of your things. We will send you a separate email with instructions about how to do this. As we aim to return your deposit in full (apart from the cost of reletting) you must make every effort to leave your room in the condition you would expect to find it.
Mail redirection
Please let your contacts and suppliers know your address has changed. You should consider setting up an automatic mail redirection via Royal Mail. It costs c£70 per annum and well worth doing.
We commit to returning your deposit within 10 days of you moving out but more likely we will return it the next working day. Please give us: Name of Bank, Account name, Sort-code, Account number
Is there anything we could do to improve the room, the property or our service in general?

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