We rent the majority of our rooms on an annual basis from 1st September - 31st August

We contact our current tenants each June to find out
their plans for the coming year

We advertise in july on www.Spareroom.co.uk/rainbowcapital
rooms becoming available in September

From time to time we have rooms available during the year
if a tenant vacates early - see below

We advertise every room we have available on www.spareroom.co.uk/rainbowcapital

Preview of Rooms Available Soon


  • Room 1 - at 45 Eleanor Road - £750pcm - large room on ground floor (available 1st June)

  • Room 3 (x2) - at 2 Eleanor Road and 45 Eleanor Road - £825pcm (one available from 1st May, other 1st June) - largest rooms in house on middle floor

  • Room 5 (x3) - at 2 Eleanor Road - £750pcm and 3 Reginald Road - £675pcm - standard rooms on middle floor (both available 1st June); and at 19 Redriffe Road - £725pcm (available 1st July)

  • Room 6 (x3) - at 45 Eleanor Road, 15 Fairland Road and 100 Warwick Road - £825pcm - large loft rooms on top floor (all available 1st June)

Canada Water

  • Room 6 at 10 Leydon Close, Rotherhithe - £900pcm - loft room with separate walk up wardrobe in loft (available 1st June)

  • Room 3 at 29 Greenland Quay - £925pcm - large double overlooking Greenland Dock (available 1st June)

  • Rooms 2 and 4 at 39 Greenland Quay - £825pcm - small doubles (available 1st July)


  • Room 3 at 14 Park Mansions - £900pcm - large double (available 1st August)