Rainbow Capital Property Partnership


Who Are We?

landlords of properties
designed for rental

Rainbow Capital was formed in 1995 by Andrew Williams.  Matthew Read joined in 2015 so forming Rainbow Capital Property Partnership.

We rent houses and flats by the room to young professionals at an affordable price.  

Our portfolio comprises 24 properties and accommodates 120 tenants.  We employ four full-time staff to manage lettings, maintenance and provide a service to our tenants.  



Who Are We For?

for single non-smoking young professionals  

Our tenants are mostly in their 20s working in professional jobs who want:

  • Quality accommodation that is well designed and maintained
  • To live with intelligent, respectful and friendly housemates
  • A direct relationship with their landlord - one who cares

They wish to pay no more than the fair market price for their room which includes the cost of bills and utilities and to avoid paying agency fees.

And they're around for the long term.

We welcome students too but they need to want to live in a professional household in a responsible and respectful manner.

Thanks again, you’re the best landlord I have encountered
— Tim, tenant at Eleanor Road

What we offer

  • Protection of deposits - in an approved scheme
  • Full-time dedication - we decorate and maintain our properties and respond quickly to issues
  • Peace of mind - accreditation with the Landlords Association; properties are licensed with the local authority
  • Accommodation by the room - for single professionals in properties designed for rental
  • Payment of all bills - the costs of council tax, energy, water, broadband and communal cleaning are included in the price
  • Annual tenancies - means stability and no rent increases

Our Team


Andrew Williams

Andrew formed Rainbow Capital in 1995.  He works full-time in the business as Managing Partner.  He studied History and Politics at Leeds University and is a season-ticket holder at Liverpool FC.

Andrew takes responsibility for raising finance, finding new acquisitions and project management.


Matthew Read

Matthew joined Rainbow Capital in 2015 becoming a partner in April 2016.  He studied History and Politics at Essex University.  He is a former professional chess coach and an accomplished player. 

Matt finds new tenants, responds to maintenance issues and manages our accounting and compliance.

Maintenace 2.jpg

James and Atila

James and Atila are our maintenance team.  They are skilled in a variety of trades including plumbing, electrics and decorating. They work full-time to maintain and manage our properties.

The boys are our emergency response team for any issue arising in our portfolio.

A Partnership With Our Tenants


We recognise the success of our business depends on finding
polite, friendly and considerate tenants


we aim to be be dedicated, kind and caring landlords in return

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