Rainbow Quay
Flat 9, Block 6

SE16 7UF

Contact Details for maintenance

  • General office - andy@rainbowcapital.co.uk

  • Andrew Williams - 07973 179201

  • Matthew Read - 07969 292896

  • Atila Mehmet - 07542 385307

  • Anton (Plumber) - 07808 242636

  • Leroy (Plumber) - 07843 665481

Best method of communication is either text, email or call to Andrew or Matt.  If possible please tell us about things to fix earlier in the week.  Our maintenance team does not work at the weekend so if possible please try to avoid reporting issues on Friday evening.

For more about our approach our maintenance click here


If your situation changes

If your contact details, employment, next of kin etc change, please update us here

For moving out procedures, including if you need to break your contract early, click here

In summary we allow you to break contract each quarter on (Q1) 1st Dec, (Q2) 28th Feb, (Q3) 31st May and (Q4) 31st Aug.  There is no charge for breaking at the end of the tenancy on 31st Aug, however breaking after Q2 incurs a cost of a weeks' rent, whilst breaking after Q1 or Q3 incurs a cost of two weeks' rent.  


Please note the WCs, basins and showers in the communal bathroom off the hallway and the ensuite one in room 1 (Greenland Dock side) operate using macerators.  This means their waste is mashed and pumped away down a small bore pipe.  They will block if anything other than toilet waste is flushed down the WCs.

Please do not flush tampons, dental floss, face wipes etc as they will clog the pumps.


If you have no heating or power, have a serious leak or are locked out, call us immediately on the numbers above.

Although please be mindful we are not a 24 hour porterage - we sleep at normal times - just like you.

Locations for shut off of services are as follows:

  • Cold water shut off - in the middle cupboard in the communal hallway outside the front door

  • Fuseboard - above the front door

In the event of fire, call 999 and vacate the building


  • 96RQ - the Hyperoptic router is in the boiler cupboard in the middle bathroom

2.4Ghz wifi generally broadcasts over a longer range but at a slower speed, whereas 5Ghz which has a shorter range but faster speed

Password is = rainbow7

If you experience any problems with internet or wifi, click here to help diagnose what might be wrong


Your scheduled cleaning time - every other Tuesday

Arranged by Ursula Dodd - T 07788 142073; E ursuladodd@netscape.net

The press code for the bin store adjacent to Greenland Dock is C217