Loft Extensions Project
13 Greenland Quay SE16 7RN

This is a hub web page to manage the project above.

Kevin and Charlette Farelly (“KAC”) have commissioned independent builders Michael and Agnello (“MAN”) to build the loft according to the spec attached below. The spec was agreed between the parties in an exchange of emails on XX/XX.

They have further commissioned Andrew Williams (“AW”) of Rainbow Capital Property Ltd to act as Project Manager

Building spec / price agreement

For the builders specification and price quote click here

floor plan

13gq floor plan AW Aug 2019.jpg

incremental expenditure



Payments made to man

decisions / tasks for K and C

  1. Agree front and back gable lengths - 1.5m and 1.25m proposed

  2. Agree Mansard pitch

  3. Agree stud wall positions, window positions and specs

  4. Agree furniture, electrical and plumbing set out

  5. Agree finishing materials - flooring, ironmongery, switches and sockets, light fittings etc

What we are aiming for

Here is how the finished project will look - the finish we achieved at 2 and 3 Greenland Quay…