Loft Extensions Project
13 Greenland Quay SE16 7RN

This is a hub web page to manage the project above.

Kevin and Charlette Farelly (“KAC”) have commissioned independent builders Michael and Nello (“MAN”) to build the loft according to the spec attached below.

They have further commissioned Andrew Williams (“AW”) of Rainbow Capital Property Ltd to act as Project Manager

Building spec / price agreement

For the works specification and price quote, final version 5th Sept 2019 click here

floor plans

Screenshot 2019-10-07 09.26.47.png
Screenshot 2019-10-18 14.05.25.png

decisions / tasks for K and C


  1. Cupboard over stairwell? (Affects roof window position above stairs) Will look better and feel much airier without…

  2. Heating and cooling - in each bedroom, aircon and small radiator? Or just aircon? Or just rads? In landing, aircon possibly positioned above laundry cupboard or in stairwell? I think having aircon in the landing is vital and that one unit could be enough to cool the top floor…

  3. External aircon units hung on wall, technically on neighbours’ side? Same with TV aerial and satellite?

  4. Escape door onto 12GQ rooftop?


  1. Agree furniture, electrical and plumbing set out

  2. Agree finishing materials - flooring, ironmongery, switches and sockets, light fittings etc

Fixtures and Fittings

These are all products that we know work, come from supplies that we know are reliable, that we can buy and if necessary swap quickly and that we know how to fit. These are the products we have used for years on our own properties. They look together!

We strongly recommend you choose the same identical products as any other choices have risks of not being suitable, not being available, not working in practice. We know we can fix our choices if they go wrong and we can get spares quickly from our regular suppliers.

In all cases we will find best, fastest, most reliable supplier with maximum trade discount applied and passed on to you in full

  1. Velux windows and flashing kits - from Burton Roofing Supplies - already installed and fitted

  2. Flat roof windows - from Toughened Glass Systems - already installed and fitted

  3. Internal doors like these - from Selco - these are ubiquitous and come from anywhere for c£50 each

  4. Ironmongery - Carlisle Brass Andros Range like these - from SDS

  5. Bathroom suite

    1. WC and Basin - Stark 3 wall hung pan - off the floor makes the bathroom look bigger and the floor easier to clean

    2. Basin - Stark 3 basin - matches the WC

    3. Shower tray - JT Ultracast - deep means it guards against overflowing if it ever gets blocked; tile lip reduces any leak from any failure of the sealant between tray and tiles

    4. Shower mixer - Grohetherm - external fitting means no leak behind tiles from product failure and easy to change thermo cartridge and washes in due course of wear and tear

  6. Electrical supplies - switches and sockets by Contactum - from TLC - modern looking but bevel means easier to fit with cables behind

  7. Electrical supplies - lighting - suggest downlights like photo below bought over internet and wall lights from Frank Russell - fitting is independent of cast so if every broken changed in seconds without needing rewiring

  8. Aircon - Daikin internal and external unit - supply and fit - but from Wolseley and 3.5k for c£480 each - amazing value for great product - external fitting means easy to clean and service; we use a contractor called Rob from a company called BelAir for final termination; likely cost c£750 for commissioning and pipework

  9. Boiler - TBC - but probably Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27i System Boiler - £1065 from Plumbnation

  10. Hot Water Cylinder - Joule Cyclone Twin Solar NFC 200l - bought from MP Moran in Kennington - £775

  11. Other heating and cooling -possibly radiators but they aircon can both cool and heat so extra radiators should not be necessary

  12. Tiles and grout - we use Chromtech Warm 4.0 from Domus Tiles

  13. Flooring / underlay - carpet or real wood / engineered floor?

  14. Decorating - paint and labour

  15. Furniture - mattresses from Durabeds - I get massive trade discounts - typically £120 for a 1000 pocket spring mattress that might cost £500 in a shop; I can get them made in any size

Reconciliation of payments

  1. From AW to Builders - £36,000

  2. Extra Expenditure by AW - £5,271

  3. Extra Expenditure by Builders -

  4. From KAC to AW - £29,000

Net balance owed - £12,271

Payments made to Builders by AW

  1. 10th September - £12,000

  2. 4th October - £12,000

  3. 4th November - £12,000

Running total - £36,000

Extra Expenditure by AW

  1. Velux windows and flashing kits - £995 (7th Oct) - receipt

  2. Flat roof windows - £948 (14th Oct) - receipt

  3. Internal doors - from Selco -

  4. Ironmongery - from SDS

  5. Bathroom suite -

    1. Shower Tray - £186 (17th Oct) - receipt

    2. Bathroom suite - £1302 (24th Oct) - receipt

  6. Electrical supplies - switches and sockets - from TLC

  7. Electrical supplies - lighting

  8. Aircon - supply and fit - from Wolseley

  9. Boiler and Cylinder

    1. Cylinder from MP Moran £775.08 - receipt

    2. Boiler from Plumbnation - £1065 - receipt

  10. Other heating and cooling -

  11. Tiles and grout

  12. Flooring / underlay

  13. Decorating - paint and labour

Running total - £5,271

Extra Expenditure by Builders

  1. Solar Panels Roof Preparation - timber and fitting

  2. Windows in vertical planes -

Running total - £0

Payments from KAC to AW

  1. 9th September - £12,000

  2. 9th October - £12,000

  3. 31st October - £5,000

Running total - £29,000

What we are aiming for

Here is how the finished project will look - the finish we achieved at 2 and 3 Greenland Quay…