Seven reasons to rent from Rainbow

We know sharing living accommodation is not without its challenges.

We have researched the issues young people experience when sharing a house.  We have addressed them by designing our properties with sharing in mind...  

  1. Designed for purpose – our properties have been designed with rental in mind; our rooms are stylish, the plugs are in the right place, the furniture is bullet-proof, everything works
  2. Spacious – all our bedrooms are a good sized double room fully furnished with a double bed, bedside cabinet, jumper chest, double wardrobe, desk and chair
  3. Quality – our houses are built to last... our kitchens and bathrooms are architect designed.  Our furniture is made of solid wood.  We fit only the best materials and appliances 
  4. Affordable and all-inclusive – we charge no more than the market price of other properties that do not have the features and benefits we offer; our bill paying service means our tenants don’t have to pay for household bills directly or suffer the hassle of dealing with suppliers or pro-rating the costs with the other tenants
  5. Service and maintenance – we maintain our properties ourselves using our own building team.  Out-sourcing is not in our vocabulary.  If a problem arises, we are a phone call away?
  6. Convenient – our properties are located within 10 minutes walk to a London Underground tube station; despite their location in Central London, most are close to natural features like the River Thames, a local park, the docks, quiet squares and woodland
  7. Connected – each property has wireless and hard-wired internet broadband; at most properties, digital and satellite TV feeds in every room mean crystal clear pictures