Seven golden rules

We call these our ‘Seven Golden Rules’. Here they are: -

  1. Pay your rent on time.
    ‘On time’ means before the first day of each month. We cannot allow late payment as the costs we have to bear every month of mortgage interest, service charges, buildings insurance, water rates, gas, electricity, TV licences, telephone line rental, internet broadband, buildings maintenance, appliance repair, general upkeep, staff salaries etc (the list goes on!) have to be funded from the rents we receive from tenants. We have to be pay these costs on time without delay every month otherwise your services could be disconnected. Hence we rely on our tenants to pay on time too. To encourage you to do so and to contribute to the extra costs we incur if we have insufficient funds, we have to impose hefty penalties on you if you pay late. Always pay your rent on time, don’t pay late, avoid the extra charges

  2. Pay your rent by referenced standing order.
    We need you to set up a standing order from your bank account to pay us automatically each month. We also need you to enter a designed reference so we can trace your payment when it hits our bank account. We can’t accept cheques or one off payments. They make our life too complicated. We don’t want to credit another tenant with your payment and chase you erroneously for non-paid rent. The message is…use a payment reference.

  3. Stay for the full duration of the tenancy.
    We endeavour to let all our properties on an annual renewal basis – during August and September each year. We believe this is the most popular time to be looking for a place to stay. We don’t want to be letting rooms all year round. We want to have focussed times for letting and the remainder of our time available for providing good service. We also want a stable set of housemates in each house to create harmonious relationships within each property.

  4. Maintain the property in tip top condition.
    Inevitably things in a house go wrong. When they do, we want them to be fixed as fast as possible. Some things we will fix directly ourselves. Some things will fall to you to arrange to fix directly with appropriate tradesmen. We will supply you the contact details of our trusted trades-people so you can deal directly with them. We will be happy to pay for some things to be fixed even if you liaise directly with the tradespeople. Other things you will have to pay for yourself. In summary, help us maintain the property and pay for any damage you cause

  5. Keep your room and the rest of the house really clean.
    We want to keep our properties in showroom condition. You have to clean your room regularly and clean the common parts of the house and its communal areas on a regular basis too on a rota with your housemates. You must keep the kitchen and bathroom(s) spotless at all times and clean up after yourself every time you use them. You will need to vacuum, mop, brush and dusty the communal areas – the lounge, hallway, stairs and landing. You will have to wipe and scrub the surfaces, appliances and sanitary ware in the kitchen and bathroom. You will need to sweep and clean outside areas. You will need to throw away refuse. Quite simply, we want to achieve a ‘hotel’ level of cleanliness. We want you to take a pride in the house as if you owned The house will not clean itself and you can’t expect anyone to clean up after you. You have to be committed to cleaning.

  6. Respect your fellow housemates.
    We want a harmonious and friendly atmosphere amongst our tenants. You must be tolerant and respectful of the people you share the property with and you have to be easy to live with yourself. You must not be excessively noisy. You must not use more than your fair share of the communal facilities and space. You must not store your personal possessions in the common areas. You must follow our guidelines, rules, terms and conditions on cleanliness. You must never smoke anywhere in the property ever.

  7. Help us let the other rooms in your house once you become a tenant – although we’ll reward you in return!
    Our business relies on a continuous flow of new tenants replacing old to keep our properties fully let. We also want you to have a say in who you live with. Therefore we would appreciate your help. Such that it is convenient to you, we would appreciate your help to relet your room when your tenancy is coming to an end. We would also appreciate the additional favour of helping us rent other vacant rooms we might have in your property or throughout our portfolio. We always offer incentives to motivate you to help us