We require just over one month’s worth of rent as a Security Deposit.

The Security Deposit acts as a bond between you and us that you will pay the rent on time and honour your obligations as a tenant.

We are required by law to ‘protect’ your deposit in an approved scheme. The scheme we have chosen is the "Tenancy Deposit Scheme” administered by Tenancy Deposit Scheme, PO Box 1255, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 9GN. Tel: 0845 226 7837 Web

This leaflet explains how the scheme works.

In essence, it acts as a point of arbitration in any dispute over the return of your deposit.

Not that we intend to have a dispute at all!

We understand some landlords are small-minded about deposit deductions — taking money away for the smallest defect. We do not operate like that.

We will apply common sense and take a generous view of potential deposit deductions wherever possible.

We are not in the business of falling out with our valued tenants.

We aim to return your deposit in full at the end of your tenancy.

No Fees

There is a small charge payable to register your deposit with the TDS and it is the only additional fee payable by you on top of your rent and deposit. This fee is not kept by us and we simply pay it over to the Scheme itself.

Apart from this, we do not charge any fees on application, nor for referencing, inventory checks as charged by most agencies and some landlords.