Moving Out

Our tenancy contracts are always for a fixed term and synchronised to end on 31st August each year.

If a tenant's situation changes, there is a provision to break early, subject to some special conditions.

Cleaning and Clearing the Room

We are grateful that our tenants like to leave their rooms in the clean state in which they found them when they moved in.  They tend to follow a check-list as follows:

  • Please give your room a deep clean

  • Empty the wardrobe, chests and drawers of all your things and take any pictures, mirrors, and any items of furniture that belong to you with you

  • Make sure you vacuum and dust behind the furniture, under the bed, behind the chests etc - not just the visible bits.  And don't forget your blinds - they tend to attract dust - a vacuum with the hoover brush usually does the trick

  • In the kitchen, from the fridge, freezer and cupboards, please remove your food and utensils

  • In the bathroom, please remove your toiletries

  • From the communal areas, hallway, landing, cupboards, outside, again, please remove your things

  • When you are ready to depart, please lock your door and then push it back underneath.  

Deposit Return

We will return the tenant's deposit into their bank account a few days after they move out.