Live With Us

What can you expect when you are a tenant of Rainbow Capital?

Our mantra is that we like to be landlords who are very hands-on when it comes to maintenance and service, but hands-off when it comes to telling our tenants how to live.

What Won't We Do?

Most of our tenants are working professonals in their 20s.  They are intelligent, responsible, considerate people.  They know as well as anyone what is expected from them and what contributes to a convivial atmosphere in a houseshare.  They don't need diktats from us.  

What Will We Do?

We will however be doing a host of work behind the scenes to ensure the house functions well...

  • We will be cleaning the property every fortnight
  • We will visit at least every month to service the property, attend to any maintenance jobs and make improvements
  • We will be paying all the utility bills
  • We will be complying with all relevant legislation like gas and electrical safety, local regulation and other safety measures
  • And we will respond almost instantly to anything going wrong

We aim to provide a wonderful experience for our current tenants and maintain the property in a perfect state for future tenants.