About Us

What We Do

Rainbow Capital Property Partnership rents houses and flats by the room to young professionals at an affordable price.

Our properties have many of the features and comforts people enjoy in their own home - but for the price of a house share.

Who Are We For?

Our tenants are mostly in their 20s, working in professional jobs in London.  They want high quality accommodation that is well designed and maintained.  They want to live with quiet, respectful and friendly housemates — people like them.  They want a direct relationship with their landlord who cares about them and the property.  They want to pay no more than the fair market price for their room.  And they're around for the long term.

We welcome students too, but they need to want to live in a professional household in a responsible and respectful manner.

Who We Are

Rainbow Capital was formed in 1995 by Andrew Williams. Matthew Read became a partner in 2015 so forming Rainbow Capital Property Partnership.

The business buys properties, refurbishes them and then rents them out. The portfolio currently comprises 24 properties — all in London — worth about £18 million.

One of the things that make us different from most residential landlords is that architectural design is embedded into our refurbishment process.  We do not just rent out flats and houses in their unaltered arrangement.  We reconsider the entire building with letting in mind, often subtly moving every wall and floor, light fitting, plug socket, fixture and fitting to optimise the spacial lay-out.

We design in a host of other clever features too.  We know each room in a property is a private home to its tenant, while the communal areas need to work so that the housemates enjoy the space and the facilities to live together in comfort.

Caring For Our Tenants

We are not agents managing properties we don’t own on behalf of absentee landlords.  We only rent out our own properties and we manage them ourselves.

We really care about the welfare of our tenants and the maintenance of our properties and we aim to be accessible and responsive at all times.

We re-invest the majority of the rental income we receive back in the properties.  We want to constantly improve them to make them better for our tenants.

Our Passion

Our business depends on buying the right properties, developing them in the right way and letting them to the right people at the right price.

We believe it’s a virtuous circle — if we provide for our tenants and show we care for them, in return they will care for our properties and the relationship they have with us — and then our business will grow.

Andrew Williams and Matthew Read